Cost Effective Metal Roofing

Metal Building Supplies manufactures Ultra Rib Panels which closely resembles (Union Corrugating?s) MasterRib Panel, (MBCI?s) Stormproof Panel, (Mid-Florida Metal Roofing?s) AG / Multi-Rib Panels and (Metal Sales) Classic Rib Panel to name a few. ?MBS offers Ultra Rib in 26ga. Galvalume and 26ga. Siliconized Polyester painted as our standard.? There are other gauges and paint finishes available upon request which may require longer lead times to get. The Ultra Rib Panel has gone from being considered an agricultural or barn panel to a widely used metal roof for residential homes. When the Hurricanes of 2004 were done doing there damage many homes were left with blue tarp’s covering their roofs. During this time the Ultra Rib Panel became the metal roof of choice because of the ease of installation, availability and cost. For a complete metal roof package which includes panels, trim flashing’s, closures, sealants and fasteners the cost range is from $1.00 per square foot to $2.50 square foot depending on how complex the roof is. The Ultra Rib Panel is an exposed fastened panel which means you will see the head of the screws after installation. MBS recommends the use of Zac fastener’s which have an aluminum head and will not rust.? It is important when using a metal roof that has exposed fastener?s, that a quality fastener is used. ?If you are looking for a cost effective residential metal roof panel to replace your old roof, the Ultra Rib Panel would make a great choice and investment for your home.